Making Dishes Stand Out: Master Chefs and the Art of Presentation

Chefs work hard to craft dishes that will bring pleasure to their guests. The presentation of the plate is the final step in showcasing their creations. It is often overlooked or treated as an afterthought, but it should be used to emphasize the quality of the food and the techniques used in its preparation. The presentation should be simple enough to be executed quickly, yet elegant and visually appealing.

When creating a composition, chefs should consider the plate with the eye of a photographer. This will help bring together all the elements of the dish in harmony. Achieving a successful presentation is rarely done on the first try; it requires imagination, trial and error, and collaboration. To begin, chefs must master the basics of cooking techniques, high-quality ingredients, and selecting dishes that suit their style.

Serving food is an art form; it allows chefs to express their creativity and demonstrate their ability to influence diners. Chef Brian Poe from Bukowski Tavern in Cambridge and Parish Café and Tip Tap Room in Boston believes that chefs should approach plating and presentation in the same way an artist would approach their next piece. Avoid piling up garnishes and sauces for a more effective presentation.

Curt Usry
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