20 Techniques Master Chefs Use to Make Dishes Exciting

Being an expert chef requires a deep understanding of ingredients and the diverse possibilities offered by the cooking methods you choose. If you want to take your kitchen set to the next level, mastering these 20 techniques is the way to go. Browning is a great way to add a tasty caramelized crust to your favorite dish. Start with a very, very hot pan, add a thin layer of oil just enough to make the pan shine and add what you would like to cook.

Let it whistle and watch the crust form, then turn it around. Chef Brian Poe, from Bukowski Tavern in Cambridge and Parish Café and Tip Tap Room in Boston, believes that chefs should approach the plate and the presentation of food in the same way that an artist would approach his next piece. This means that chefs should be creative and think outside the box when it comes to making their dishes more interesting and exciting. One way to do this is by experimenting with different cooking techniques.

For example, you can try sous vide cooking, which involves sealing food in a vacuum-sealed bag and cooking it in a water bath at a precise temperature for an extended period of time. This method helps preserve the flavor and texture of the food while also allowing you to cook it at a lower temperature than traditional methods. Another technique is smoking, which adds a unique flavor to food by exposing it to smoke from burning wood chips or other materials. Smoking can be done in a smoker or even on your stovetop using a smoker box.

You can also try braising, which involves cooking food in liquid over low heat for an extended period of time. This method helps tenderize tough cuts of meat and infuse them with flavor from the liquid. Finally, you can experiment with pickling, which involves preserving food in an acidic solution such as vinegar or brine. Pickling can help preserve food for longer periods of time while also adding flavor.

These are just some of the techniques that master chefs use to make their dishes more interesting and exciting. With practice and experimentation, you too can become an expert chef and create delicious dishes that will wow your guests.

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