How Home Cooks Can Master Professional Chef's Presentation Skills

Adding flavor to food is a simple yet professional way to make a meal. Home cooks can easily replicate the same effect by arranging crackers, cheese and meats on a plate. For example, Will Longoria of The Rogue Gentlemen did just that for a simple snack. Or, they can take it up a notch and create an impressive main course.

In a study conducted by Professor Charles Spence, 60 people were given three salads with the same ingredients but presented differently. One was prepared without any thought to presentation, another was carefully arranged, and the third was served on a plate to look like a painting by Wassily Kandinsky. Surprisingly, the diners rated the Kandinsky-inspired salad as 29% tastier than the others, despite using the same ingredients. The study concluded that customers are willing to pay up to three times more for a well-presented dish.

This is especially important for food service businesses that rely on Instagram marketing. Oxford studies have shown that quality presentation increases the perceived value of meals, allowing restaurants to increase their menu prices. Chefs use their creative flair to arrange ingredients in ways that preserve flavor and texture complexity, while stimulating appetite before the first bite. Chef Brian Poe from Bukowski Tavern in Cambridge and Parish Café and Tip Tap Room in Boston believes that chefs should approach the plate and presentation of food in the same way an artist would approach their next masterpiece.

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